Dragonborn Sorceror


Nearly 300 years ago a small clan of Dragonborn lived deep in the mountains surrounding Boatmurdered. They once thought themselves to be distant on-lookers over the affairs of Humans and Dwarves, after-all they were outcasts of their own race, uncommon, blue-skinned, touched by cold and not the fire that the Dragonborn were commonly known for.They were called upon to help rebuild the ashes of the city of Boatmmurdered after the great Drakon’s return. The act of kindness was seen as a friend-making play to get in good favors with the Dwarves and Men who would benefit in the region. Over time, the small clan began to disperse and slowly migrated back into their northern mountain regions. But not all Dragonborn prefer the cold of the mountains to the fire of a stone hearth. A few stayed behind and studied the arts of smithing, leatherworking and mining of the Dwarves and yet even the more social of the clan traded with Humans from the region, learning of their hunting skills, farming and even of Magic.

Kimahri hales from the town of Boatmurdered. Born and raised in the Dwarven city he is no stranger to Men or Dwarves, despite their strange feelings towards him. While in the mountain town he became friends with Alrik of the Mightbeard family. While growing up Kimahri studied arcane schools of magic, tapping into his ancient white dragon bloodline that flows deep within his breast. Eventually, with much toil he came to learn the art of creating Rays of Frost, weak and inaccurate bursts of cold energy from his very hands. His skills culminated in learning to burst forth a chilly wind from his lungs in the manner of the ancient Dragons before him. That is until his friend Alrik came to him with an idea, a quest if you will, that sent them east across the sea.


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