St. Malo

Population: 20,000~
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Type: Large City
Government: The Earl of Malo and the Church of Erathis share governorship. (Theocracy + Autocracy)
Defense: Nearly 400 guardsmen. A chapter of Paladins can be called up if things are dire. 2,000 militia men.
Commerce: As a port town, St. Malo can get a hold of nearly anything. Many ships from the west.
Organizations: Local shrine and cathedral to Erathis. St. Malo died on this spot and her armor is on display.
Spellcasting: Lvl 9

Corruption: 0Crime: 2Economy: 5
Law: 4Lore: 5Society: 2

Danger: +30


Holy Site
Strategic Location
Tourist Attraction

St. Malo is so named for Malo, a paladin of Erathis who came to this area when it was a minotaur settlement and converted a large portion away from worshipping Baphomet. She died attempting to convert the remainder and he armor and remains are still here revered as relics. A small enclave of minotaur still reside here, though the remainder of the population are mostly human. St. Malo is the westernmost port of Loiret and the closet major city to Stettin.

St. Malo

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