The World

The World

The world is old. She has had many names. The world is old enough to have outlived her first names, the first people and many other’s besides. The cruel Tiefling princes of Baal-Turath called The World Aerode, or “The Land”. The ambitious Nerathi emperors referred to Tellus, the Globe of Soil. The Senate of the Arkosian people simply called her Zemjata, countryside.

But just like these empires, the names have come and gone. Now, the people of Karkoth simply call her “The World” and do not trouble themselves with more than that. They name themselves, as people do, and they band together, as people have. Far more attention is given to watching their neighbors and divining their plans over the world.


Its been nearly 300 years since the great ascension. The old dragon god, Io, once sundered was again whole. The Heavens reeled from the transition and all those who prayed to the dragon gods knew in their bones that something had changed.

Kazroth, the noble paladin of Bahamut, carried in him the mind and soul of Io and in his final quest, he brought the two sundered halves together. Tiamat and Bahamut were again one and of one mind. Io again ruled dragonkind and took his place among the gods.


But who can know truly the mind of a god? Though Io was once again whole, Bahamut and Tiamat still held sway over many hearts and minds. When prayed to, they granted blessings. Kazroth himself was not gone truly. When called upon, he answered. When sought out, he was found.

Scholars and priests saw then the shape of their new god. Io, the Mended One, but of 4 parts. A Quadrinity. Through them the new faith flowed to the people and the Mended One grew his flock.

Fires and War

Nearly a century ago, a dispute over the payment of homage boiled over into a conflict that lasted nearly a decade. The nation of Loiret, then ruled by King Arnulf of Lille, held a claim over a small baronship in the neighboring nation of Stettin, then ruled by the King Joachim Frederick.

The war ended in a stalemate, but not before a massive loss of life along the border. Even now the dead do not like to stay in their graves along the Loiret-Stettin border. The swamps and fields of that area have continued to add to the toll of that last great war.

Trade and Industry

Far to the west, across the Sea of Sails, among the ruins of Nerath, the fires of war gave way to the fires of industry. Drakon, the exiled son of Boatmurdered, revived that dead city. Under his stony gaze, the forges were rekindled and the mines reopened. Goods flowed east, first to Freeport and then farther still, to the distant shores of hungry Karkoth.

The Nentir Vale, once a dangerous border region, became the center of trade going south and west on the continent. The city of Nera, once the jewel of the empire but then a shadow of its former glory, began the long slow journey to recovery.


Karkoth is in a state of relative peace but the fires of war are kindling. The Mad King William Frederick rattles his saber and threatens and blusters. The Corrupt King Clovis the 9th demurs and feasts and leaves the business of government to other men. Kalmaran raiders pillage along the √Čire coast and Kievan Rus border.

New weapons and magic are being discovered. People clamor for something other than oppression and monarchy. The nations are balanced on a knife’s edge. A man with ambition could tip the scales in any direction and leave his mark on history.

The World

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