Loiret, ruled by his grace King Clovis the 9th, lies at the northwestern edge of Karkoth. It is one of the smaller nations geographically, but its good weather, many deep ports, and well worn trade routes make it one of the more populous. Loiret is bordered to the north by the small peninsular nation of Carinthia, to the south by their rival Stettin, and to the east by the Erathi States.

Loiret is a a majority human nation with small enclaves of halflings, dwarves, and elves in their urban centers. The capital city is Lille, which lies on the Lille river and is the largest city in the nation. Other large cities include Bordeaux, Lyon, and St. Malo.

Due to its close proximity to the Erathi States, Loiret has very strong ties to the Erathi Church, and as such, it is the state religion. Worship of other gods is not prohibited, but coronations and official ceremonies are commonly carried out in her name.

King Clovis’s rule has been characterized by a dramatic increase in taxation and unrest. He frequently hosts elaborate tournaments, parades, concerts, feasts and other debauchery. In matters of governance, he defers to his advisers and leaves them to sort out how to fund his excess.

Nearly 100 years ago, Stettin and Loiret engaged in a bloody war over their western isthmus. Neither side emerged victorious, and that swampy region has been haunted since.


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